The Millennial Moment is a collaborative publication project.

Beginning on April 20th, 2017, to mark the 100th day of the Trump Presidency, we will begin publishing one letter every day. 

By introducing one author each day, we will steadily develop a network of motivated young people.  “Millennial” is not synonymous with apathy or inaction. These letters and your responses will prove it. Each letter is a ripple that strengthens a wave of resistence. On a daily basis, we will have a reminder that individual action can sum to collective improvement.

Dear Millennial, Every generation faces a challenge that demands collective action. 2016 marked the Millennial moment. Without action, the gains of previous generations will be erased.   Impactful action is intentional. It requires planning and collaboration.

The Millennial movement is beginning, and is grounded in the belief that our  nation’s over 74 million Millennials are positioned to champion the future. Join us.