Letter from Ben

Dear Millennial:

This week gave us sarin gas and Tomahawk missiles, deportations forces and White House lies, a man’s limp body dragged from an airplane and a kid’s dead body carted from a schoolhouse. This week gave us hate and fear and small-minded nativism, just like last week did, and like next week will, too. This week gave us yet more reasons to shield our eyes, to divert our gaze, to seek shelter from a cruel reality.

But this week also gave us countless moments of joy, moments when children came crying and squirming into the world, when congregations worshipped and neighbors rallied and lovers kissed. This week gave us hope, just enough to keep us going. And we must keep going, because the “arc of the moral universe bends toward justice” was never a promise. It was a call to action, a challenge to future Americans to join the resistance, to continue Dr. King’s fight, to keep yanking on that arc until it bends by sheer force of will and persistence and love.

Millennials, we are those future Americans.

The arc belongs to us now.

Let’s bend it.